Welcome to NexusAI

Unlocking the True Potential of SaaS

What We Do

Nexus AI stands for “Assisted Integration” and that assistance comes from our very skilled and talented team of Rapid Implementation Developers



Nexus is a purpose built, customizable, middleware solution that allows third party platforms and systems to talk to each other in order to create a seamless business process across these various platforms.

Our developers are exceptionally skilled at integrating data and processes across a multitude of platforms, not only from a technical and programming standpoint, but also from a business understanding perspective.

 In plain English, NexusAI makes the magic happen and allows you, as the business owner, to get the maximum ROI and benefit from all the computer systems that your business uses.

Our Process



You tell us who you are – very simple: your name, your company name, email and phone number



Within seconds you’ll be sent an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that reassures you that anything that you tell us, will remain in the strictest confidence. Our mission is to help you, not steal your secrets


Clicking the “I agree” button on the NDA takes you to a pre-meeting questionnaire where we ask a little bit more about your business, so we can make sure we put the right consultant on the case and you select an appointment date for a Zoom meeting


During the Zoom meeting with our consultant we’ll go into more detail about exactly what it is that you are wanting to improve and then depending upon what is discussed we’ll arrange another meeting of minds between our techies and your techies (if appropriate) to thrash out more detail.


From there, we’ll create a proposal and action plan which focuses on your immediate needs while doing as much as possible to ensure that everything is a future-proof as possible

Final Q&A

We discuss the proposal, answering any questions that you have and from there our exceptionally talented team of developer (yes, we are biased, but so will you be once you’ve seen what they deliver for you and your business) get to work

We Go Live

Your NexusAI system goes live and you reap the benefits

”Revolutionize your marketing processes with Nexus AI’s all-in-one solution”